March 3, 2016

Buff Orphington Pullets

Buff Orphington Pullets

Chicks minimum order 25 pullets (hens) brown egg layers – day old to 1 week in age. Prepay and place your order now for February $170.00 Cash/PayPal/Credit/Debit cards accepted. Choose from: Black Giant, Buff Orphington, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Aracauna (colored egg layers), Barred Plymouth Rock Call or text for payment details 706-305-5436 or 706-833-5535

Owner Operator Blackberry Creek Mini Farm in Augusta, Ga.
Farm Animals & Select Pets – Breeder & Sales
Studied Veterinary Technology St. Petersburg & San Juan Colleges
Studied Computer Programming, Networking & Computer Specialist Augusta Technical College
Studied Accounting ICS Center for Degreed Studies

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