February 28, 2016

Bunny Rabbits – some litters ready by Easter

Accepting Reservations Now
Other litters will be ready starting the week after Easter and following weeks
Our Breeds of Rabbits:
Mini Lop – See the video of the babies
Lion Head
Champagne D’Argent
Flemish Giant
Mini Rex
Holland Lop
New Zealand

Standard Prices:
Bunny $30 – No Pedigree – Purebred
Bunny $50 – Pedigree – Subject to Availability
Adult Rabbits $35 – No Pedigree – Purebred
Adult Rabbits $50 – Pedigree – Subject to Availability

Each Bunny or Rabbit will come with Care & Feeding Instructions
We accept Cash/PayPal/Debit/Credit Cards

Email: blackberrycreekminifarm@gmail.com

Bunny Rabbits Babies Ready at Easter

Bunny Rabbits Babies Ready at Easter

Owner Operator Blackberry Creek Mini Farm in Augusta, Ga.
Farm Animals & Select Pets – Breeder & Sales
Studied Veterinary Technology St. Petersburg & San Juan Colleges
Studied Computer Programming, Networking & Computer Specialist Augusta Technical College
Studied Accounting ICS Center for Degreed Studies

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